Thursday, November 22, 2012

13 Thoughts of Thankfulness

Last night, we lost our cat Winnie. We had nineteen years with her -my husband gave her to me when we were in college- and she was precious until the very end. She was also queen of the house, a role for which I very much respected her. I was never quite able to master the role despite living with all boys. Winnie left us peacefully while resting in our bed. So when I sat to write my thankful list today, I couldn't help but reflect on life with Winnie. She gave me so much to be thankful for.

Here are the thirteen reasons I am thankful for sharing my life with a cat.

1. She came into my life when I needed something to love.

2. She helped with the laundry (even if it took me double the time to complete).
3. She made reading the Sunday paper a lot more interesting.

4. She reminded me to play even if it made a mess. Life needs to be fun.
5. She didn't mind curling up and cuddling for quiet time.

6. She embraced her inner Goddess. She was the queen of our home.
7. She taught me being inquisitive got you further than simple acceptance.

8. She kept  life simple and enjoyed the simple things in life... food. sleep. sunshine.

9. She was fiercely loyal.  Not even a guard dog had anything on Winnie.

10. She demanded the best... soft pillows, warm blankets, sunny spots. 

11. She always knew how to make the best of a sunny day.

12. Her appreciation for simple acts never failed to touch my heart.

13. She loved me unconditionally just as I loved her.
Give thanks for everyone, human or feline, in your life this Thanksgiving.

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