Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tied Up #TantalizingTuesday


          Source: tumblr.com via Paloma on Pinterest

Kade walked Lila to the barn once they returned to the ranch. He’d held himself together and acted the perfect gentlemen through an excruciatingly long supper with their friends. Now he'd reached the end of his control. 

Lila had thought she'd gotten away with her lie but tonight she'd find out otherwise. Kade was sure Lila already knew she was in trouble by the way she dragged her feet as she followed behind him. Not a word was spoken since they'd pulled into the long gravel driveway. No sounds beside the animals as they entered the barn and Kade opened the door to a place she knew well. He swore he could hear her heart rate kick up but paid it no attention. 
"Strip," Kade gave the command and Lila complied. No questions asked. Grabbing the wool rope from the wall hook, Kade issued his second command. “Kneel." Again, Lila complied without complaint. 
Lila was beautifully nekkid before him. Kade wrapped the rope around her wrists, bound them in front of her and tugged up to arch her back. He brought his face directly in front of Lila and whispered in his most dangerous voice, "I know what you did."
© Paloma Beck, Tantalizing Tuesday 2012

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