Witches for All Saint's Day

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Lynn Cahoon is a contemporary romance author with a love of hot, sexy men, real and imagined. Her alpha heroes range from rogue witch hunters to modern cowboys. And her heroines all have one thing in common, their strong need for independence. Or at least that’s what they think they want.  She blogs at her website, A Fairy Tale Life... www.lynncahoon.wordpress.com. Readers can email her at lcahoon7@gmail.com.

Okay, you’re probably Halloweened out, but since today is All Saint’s Day, and my upcoming release, A Member of the Council, features an unknowing witch and the witch hunter that screws up her wanna be normal life, I thought I’d give you my favorite 13 witches and why…
My 13 favorite witches
  1. Cher in the Witches of Eastbrook– I wanna be that sexy! 
  2. Samantha (Bewitched) – Sweet, but why Darrin?
  3. Sarah from The Craft – Get the mean girls back.
  4. Sally Owens - Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic – Frazzled, single mom, dealing with crap. 
  5. Glenda the Good Witch – Just cuz
  6. Hermione Granger – Smart – good role model
  7. Wilhelmina W. Witchiepoo – I loved HR Puffnstuff!  I can sing the theme song.
  8. Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) – She’s amazing (even if evil.)
  9. Minnie Castavet (Rosemary’s Baby) My first view of hidden evil.
  10. Regina, the Evil Queen (Once Upon a Time) – OMG – She’s the best.
  11. The Mayfair Witches (The Witching Hour, Lasher, and Taltos)– LOVED these books.
  12. Dark Shadows Angelique-The original, not the movie. 
  13. And Parris McCall – witch in training from A Member of the Council…
A rogue hunter, a clueless witch and a mission to save an unknowing world.

Parris McCall, owner of the dive bar, The Alibi, has finally constructed a life where her little quirks don’t show or matter to anyone. As for her grandmother's warnings that she’s different, well, she'll cross that bridge if she comes to it. But when Ty walks into her bar, both lives are instantly changed.

Ty Wallace loves his life. How could he not? He’s a powerful human lawyer by day and the Magic Council's rogue witch hunter by night. But after he agrees to substitute on his
secretary’s dart team, all hell breaks loose. Now Ty has to help Parris admit who she is before her long-lost relatives kill her.

A Lyrical Press Paranormal Romance, Buy Link


  1. I also liked the Witches of Eastwick. Took me a long time to reconsider eating cherries after that though! Jack Nicholson was so good in that movie too. And Hermione--who wouldn't want to be as smart and as quick thinking as her?

  2. I totally agree with Hermione and Samantha. Very admirable.
    But you missed the best witch of all--The Wicked Witch of the West! OMG, was she scary. Her evilness is thrilling. She's so bad, she's green! Love that cackle!! And who does she hang with--the creepiest creatures ever, flying monkeys. [shudder]
    My second favorite witch missing from the list was Snow White's stepmother. She'll kill to be considered pretty. She's so fixated on beauty she becomes the ugliest hag who ever toted a poison apple.
    Great post. There's never a wrong day to talk about witches.
    Megan Kelly
    Santa Dear

  3. There are so many great ones on the list! Enjoyed your post! :)

  4. Sue - OMG I forgot about the cherry scene. LOL

    Megan - Regena is Snow White's stepmom - just in a different telling. And yes, beauty does get in one's way. WWW (Wicked Witch of the west - that should so be her nick name) just didn't make the cut. Which I'll probably be cursed for if she sees this post.

    Karen, Thanks for popping in...

  5. This is a great list. Don't you think our own bad girl characters take after some of these witches? Loved this post!

  6. I love Samatha. TI don't like my witches scary

  7. Paloma - Thanks for having me here.

    Antonia - Ty's amazing, you know I love him. (Don't tell him I didn't put him on the list...)

    Marian - I always wanted Samatha to embrace her witchcraft, I guess I'm more like Endora.

  8. I always loved Samantha, and you're right, not sure what she saw in Darrin.

    Love the sound of your book, Lynn. I love a little magic!


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