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Hi, Paloma, thanks for having me! Ever since I was young. I have been attracted to exotic locales and people, especially when two people of different cultures or races find love with each other. I wanted to write this book because I could not find any romance novels at the time that had what I was looking for, so I decided to write my own. I hope everyone enjoys the excerpt and thanks for stopping by.

Taken off the streets of San Francisco and forced into slavery for a Chinese ship’s captain, Diana Marke thought she’d never see her husband or infant son again, if she lived long enough to return to America. She never imagined the husband she trusted could commit murder, much less conspire to end her life and that of their child. Neither did she consider the vile man who captured her could ever be more than a criminal in her eyes.
Shang cursed himself for ever thinking he could do business with Diana’s scheming husband and come out unscathed. Thousands of dollars lost and a possible murder added up to more trouble than a beautiful, spoiled white woman could possibly be worth at auction. She defied him at every turn and enflamed his passion until she filled his every thought. Though he tried to keep her safe and showed her more kindness than any other master, would she ever see him as anything other than a monster?

She wrapped her arms around her body and couldn’t stop her teeth from chattering. She was ten times as cold now with the wind whipping over her soaking wet body as she had been before. Her face turned red as she realized her top half was now completely exposed, for her thin white camisole left nothing to the imagination when wet. Her dark pink nipples were completely visible to the entire crew, and most did nothing to hide their leers of pleasure at seeing her. She feebly glared at them all. Only their leader and a couple of others seemed undisturbed by her half-nakedness.
The man with the beautiful face briskly said something to his crew, and they dispersed, though most walked away backward trying to get one last look at her. He crouched down gracefully beside her, and she closed her eyes, waiting for his retribution. But none came.
“There is no escape for you,” he said with an accent. He surprisingly spoke English very well and absently traced his full lower lip with a thumb before speaking again. “This time I will not have you beaten, but if you try to escape again, there will be consequences. Do you understand?” His black eyes immobilized her.
Author Bio:
Jessica Jordan has been reading since she was four years old and discovered romance novels at the age of ten (had to sneak them, of course!). Forbidden Desires is her first published novel with Liquid Silver Books. Besides reading and writing, she loves sushi, gaming, TV, and comic books.

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