Monday, December 3, 2012

I Rocked #NaNoWriMo!

I did it. I totally rocked NaNoWriMo. And I want to give you some magical reason, some words of advice but I can't think of the exact formula that got me to the end with a victory. It would've been easy for me to give you all the excuses if I hadn't reached the goal because -heaven help me- I had A LOT of family obligations in November. I also had to finish edits on another manuscript. I could've totally bagged NaNo this year and no one would have faulted me. But I wanted this - I wanted the win.

Here's what I did: I started the month with every intention to reach my goal. I plotted out my WIP in my head the week leading up to NaNo. I gathered inspirational photos and had this running monologue I'd documented from a character I felt really wanted to be heard. So armed with this preparation, I sat and wrote. It's all first person because I really felt I as channeling this character. I had fun seeing her come to life and that connection propelled me back to my desk every morning.


So what did I do to celebrate? I mean, I had to do something to commemorate my achievement, to celebrate the occasion  I had promised myself that if I completed NaNo, I would buy on of their really cool hoodies so that's just what I did. And guess what I'm wearing right now? Yep, you guessed it... my new hoodie. And every time I wear it, I'm going to remember that I AM A WINNER!

When the plates were nearly empty, his next words came as if he were reading my mind. “Would you like to know what I want from you, Aubrey? Perhaps it would soothe your nerves.” His finger strokes along my cheek until it rests gently on my lower lip.
“Yes.” It is nearly spoken as a sigh. And I regret instantly his finger leaving me.
“Your submission,” he pauses, taking my wrist in his hand and stroking across my pulse. I am certain he can feel my pulse pick up. “Your submission comprises many things but is quite simple. I ask for obedience, for you to trust me to oversee your pleasure.”
“You mean with… i–in the bedroom?” I stutter in my question but have no idea what I am saying, so far from my comfort zone. These are waters I never imagined myself in.
“There and other times as well, mostly at home while we’re by ourselves. You will learn when. I tend to be strict but I also enjoy times when I can relax with my submissives.”
“Your submissives? There would be more than me?”
William chuckles. I amuse him. “No, sweet Aubrey, but there have been others in the past. I find monogamy agrees with me.”
“Monogamy.” I have no idea why I repeat him except that I am in unchartered waters and feel myself drowning.
“One submissive, one dominant. You and me only. Do you understand?”
“Yes. N-No. I know hardly anything about dominance and submission. I only understand their definitions; but what do they have to do with me? I am only me and I have next to no experience.” My cheeks are burning red – I know this without looking into a mirror. Have I ever spoken to a man about such things? Definitely not.
“You will learn. I will teach you everything you need to know, exactly what I expect, what I want and when I want it. And if my instincts are right, you will become good at giving it to me.”
“And if I don’t?”
“I’ll punish you. And if my instincts are indeed correct, you will enjoy that as well. But,” he pauses and I can hardly breathe now, still drowning in that water, “it will hurt. It will be discipline so it must teach a lesson.”
I swallow but my throat is dry so I begin to cough. William passes me my water glass and watches as I regain my composure. I have come to desire this man despite not knowing what that meant. Now he is laying it out on the table for me to accept or decline.
“I don’t know if I can do this.”

If you liked this excerpt, you can also find out more about it on my website. You'll find more excerpts there, as well as those inspirational photos I mentioned. And keeping checking back because I'll be looking to publish William & Aubrey's story in 2013. That will be the ultimate celebration - publishing my NaNo project.
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