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I stared at the damn box of gifts for what felt like hours, or at least long enough for my coffee to grow cold in my hands. I refused to touch the package. That was admitting defeat and I wasn't prepared to do that. I had to get out of the house.

Bundled in my warm winter coat, I shoveled the driveway. Pounding into the snow felt good. Dammit, how much I needed him now. Tears crystallized even as they formed. I heard the crunch of tires and didn't bother to turn; certain it was Cliff returning to check on me. Keeping my head turned away to hide the tears, I heard as his truck door opened and closed, and then his footsteps moving in my direction. My manners took hold. I spun to greet him. And there grinning like a fool was Seth. My tall, handsome man was healthy and safe and had come back to me.

I threw myself at him. Grabbing me up into his arms, Seth swung me around and snuggled his face into my neck before falling on top of me in the snow. The cold didn’t matter. I was warm again. Seth was home.


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