Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Five Faves

Welcome to the Secret Cravings Five Favorite Things blog hop! 

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My Five Faves

I prefer my brew just like men... Strong & Bold. Espresso is the best but I can enjoy dark roasted coffee at home too. Every morning, I make lattes using coffee in my kuerig, whipped steamed milk and a shot of flavoring. So when I say I'm having coffee, that's what I'm drinking. Then all bets are off whenever I'm out and about because then I treat myself to the real deal *sigh* - Starbucks. 

Reading Romance.
I could say books but I really don't like just any books. I like romance for the escape into someone else's happiness. Hey, it can get crazy around my house living with four men, ages 40 to 9, and testosterone surges! Romance is my time away. I can read nearly any romance sub-genre from Erotica to Young Adult as long as it has a strong romantic element. And I definitely prefer the Alpha Male which, for the record, I liked even before it was cool.

Nexus Tablet.
I never leave home without it. I was a faithful nook user until I discovered Google's Nexus tablet. Now I have the nook app, kindle app and a great pdf reader all on one device so all the books I want-no matter where they are sold or where they are being offered for free-are in one place. I use the tablet everyday to browse through google reader and catch up on the blogs I follow. I also like the ease of accessing internet so I can quickly check emails and all my social networking accounts without being in my office. 

Sunday nights are bath nights. It's a ritual and I thrive on tradition so this sets the tone for my week. Here's what I do... I light candles (sometimes DH does it for me *wink* *wink*), use lavender bath salt, pour a glass of wine or cup of tea, put on some instrumental music, grab a book and-this is the most important part-lock the door. For one hour, I enter heaven in the form of my enormous whirlpool tub and no disruptions.

The Seven Sin Sisters.
These girls have become like sisters to me. The idea for my series started out when I pitched the idea to my beta reader (and friend) on a rooftop restaurant in the town where I live. She liked it - we batted around some thoughts - and I went home to write the first and last books in the series. Now currently writing book four, I've come to know the sisters as more than characters in a book. They have their own personalities, largely shaped by their soul sin that binds them until they are claimed by a mate. These women know it is a very real possibility that being seven in number means they are meant to fulfill the prophecy to save the race of Valendite Breeds. And though they accept their calling, mating is still no easy process when you're used to being an independent woman with powers of your own.


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