Friday, December 21, 2012

Tantalizing Christmas Finale

Tantalizing Christmas Blog Hop
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BUT FIRST, read the final installment of The Snowstorm. It's my last post for the hop, December 18th - 21st. You can go back and read them all for the full story of Seth and Abby.


He saw it in my eyes - the moment we came down from the initial exaltation of holding one another again - he saw my need. It'd been too long without him. My husband was home and I needed to feel his hands on me. Seth's attentions centered me. He’d removed my wet clothes and stripped me bare before guiding me into the shower with him. His hands stroked my body with warm water and sultry suds. The scent of lavender wrapped itself around me. I couldn't remember the last time I felt so cherished.

Still, my need for his attention grew as our shower ended. Once my body was dry, Seth wrapped my arms behind my back with a red silk ribbon, tied in a bow when it reached my wrists. I knew what was coming. I grew wet with anticipation. Bent over his lap, I found my place and melted into him. Silently, I waited for the sting of his hand on my flesh. I craved the heat that would flare just beneath my skin, the course texture of his palm and, most of all, the place I would fly to as my husband took me in hand.
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