Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Snowstorm

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BUT FIRST, read the first installment of The Snowstorm. I will post one photo story each day during the hop, December 18th - 21st. Read them all for the full story of Seth and Abby.

The snowstorm began overnight while I slept. Its arrival had been predicted for days so it was no surprise; but I’d hoped -prayed, actually- it was another incorrect forecast. When I awoke to a white blanket, the farm looking like a winter wonderland, I sighed in resignation. I knew it might change the days that followed. Taking my cup of morning coffee and a warm blanket, I sat on the small front porch of our modest farmhouse. I watched the snowfall, both reveling in its beauty and cursing its arrival.

Seth was due to arrive home any day. He'd promised to be home for Christmas. It had been three months since I'd seen him. It was never this long when he went away but I knew something was different this time. I'd been the wife of an agent long enough to know when something wasn't right, and this mission was anything but standard.

Selfishly, I wanted Seth to myself. I knew his value to our country but I needed him. I needed his strong arms, his firm hand, and his tender touches. Considering the possibility of being alone for Christmas, my tears mirrored the flakes falling from the sky.

© Paloma Beck, Tantalizing Tuesdays 2012
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