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WoW! Here's a simple recommendation to simplify your life... what more could you ask for?

In this weekly feature, I’ll give just one suggestion of a marketing tool to try. Marketing in this time period and for our market (ebooks/ book sales) means an on-line presence. Social Media has great opportunity but navigating it can sometimes be overwhelming. For those of us who enjoy it, it's exciting and fun. For those of us who do not enjoy it, or don't even understand the intricacies of it, it can be a thorn in their paw. Regardless what I choose to talk about, I promise it will be simple because, after all, we are all very busy people…

As authors -pen name or not- we are in the public eye. And now that we're there, it's good to know what is being said about us in the cyber-world. Here are two easy ways for you and your readers to track you. One helps you keep track of what's out there about you. The other automatically lets readers know when you have released a new book.


First, Google Alerts. You can subscribe for alerts from google based on criteria you establish. They send you email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your criteria. It takes just a few minutes to enter a search query you want to monitor. EASY and WORTH IT.

Second, Author Alarms. You can subscribe for an alarm each time one of your books becomes available. Good way for you to track its availability BUT EVEN BETTER... promote this to your readers and fans. Encourage them to sign up so they will be able to purchase your new releases right away.

Now go on and get alert. And then get back to your writing!

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  1. Wow, I love that Author Alarm. Very cool!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Google Alerts and it's helped me to find a few sites where my books have been pirated and I've found several legitimate sites where my books are being sold. It also helps to find those reviews that get posted without notification back to the author of the book. I've found a few gems this way!

    I haven't heard of Author Alarm. Love it! Thanks again, Paloma.


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