Bare Bottom on #TantalizingTuesday

                                                                           Source: Uploaded by user via Paloma on Pinterest

She was irresistible but damn if I’d let her know it. When she so sweetly submitted to me, my cock jumped to attention. Amelie was my world and tonight I’d let her know it; but first, we had business to take care of.

Her plump round ass peeked up at me, barely hidden through the lacy panties she favored. Personally, I liked a bare bottom… a bare, red bottom... but it was too hard to resist and I planned to play this out. Before I finished, Amelie would be moaning at the sensation only I provided her. Her own hand couldn’t provide the satisfaction she gained from our sessions. Amelie needed me, and I had come to need her.

Her warm flesh relaxed into my touch as I molded my hands to her bottom. She held still just as I’d instructed because she knew my consequences were real. I kneaded her rounded globes until she was pushing into my touch, reaching for more. Parting her cheeks, a quick touch to her moist folds told me she was beyond ready.

Then I chose a new instrument. Tonight I would introduce the crop… once she begged for what I would give her.
© Paloma Beck, Tantalizing Tuesdays 2013

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