Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Forever #TantalizingTuesday

He gave me exactly what I wanted and now it was my turn to return the favor. On my knees before Samson, I worked his cock into my mouth. I took him in deep just as I knew he liked while keeping my arms down at my sides. I could feel him at the back of my throat. I moaned as his wide cock stretched my lips and reminded myself to relax my throat muscles. I allowed his thrusts to set the rhythm so later when he grabbed onto my hair and fucked my mouth, as I knew he would; his cock would slide in and out without resistance.
Deep breaths through my nose kept me from choking. Months of experience with Samson had taught me that he liked it deep and I learned how to give him what he liked. I breathed in the scent of him as I moved my lips up and down his shaft, feeling his warmth inside my mouth. It was delicious. He tasted salty and smelled musky. I couldn’t get enough of him. 
Samson was my world and tonight he’d asked me to be his world… forever. He’d asked for forever and I’d agreed. 
© Paloma Beck, Tantalizing Tuesdays 2013

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