Happy Anniversary, Secret Cravings!

Secret Cravings Publishing is Cruising! 
As we celebrate our 2nd Anniversary, our place in the industry couldn't look better. And our success is in much thanks to you, our readers. This event is a Thank You for your support to those who've read our books. This event is also a Welcome to those who've not yet read a book published by Secret Cravings. There's good news... by participating in this event, you could WIN some books along with some other BIG PRIZES!

Grand Prize- iPad2
First place- Kindle Fire

Second Place- $50 SCP gc
Third place- $25 SCP gc

To be eligible for the grand prizes, you MUST match a minimum of 25 out of 30 authors to their location.

But while you're here, ENTER MY GIVEAWAY TOO. I'm giving away one of each book I've released during SCP's second year... that's four books! Good luck!

HERE's my WARNING, I mean, CLUE:
I love cruises but my family has a thing with bringing unexpected things back with us... I arrived just nine months after my own parents returned from a cruise about 40 years ago. And when my husband and I went to the BAHAMAS 10 years ago, we brought back our third son Andrew.

NOW go around to EACH AUTHOR'S SITE and MAKE A LIST of their location. Then e-Mail your list to reviewcoordinator@secretcravingspublishing.com. It's that simple! Now you're REGISTERED to WIN!

For a list of all participating SCP authors, go to: http://secretcravingspublishing.blogspot.com/

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