Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Simple Advice for Authors. Each week, it's my goal to provide authors with a little piece of what works for me, sharing my knowledge to help others. It was tough starting out as an author and not sure how to do the promotions part of the job. I knew how to write but I had to figure out how to market myself.

When I published my first book, I felt like a tiny guppy dumped into an enormous, dark and scary ocean where everyone else knew what was going on... but me. The #1 best piece of advice I received was when someone in my publishing house recommended I join Marketing for Romance Writers.
MFRW MOTTO: Seek, teach, share, learn, succeed.
"MFRW is open to the literary community. We focus on marketing and publicity efforts. We brainstorm ideas, get feedback, and find others for mutual promotion. If you seek advice on how to promote you're welcome here. We enforce our simple group rules. Keep it business-only. No promos, excerpts, contests, newsletters, or flaming. We respect those on digest by trimming our posts. Questions, promo ideas, requests for help are welcome."
I joined. I read everything. I participated or lurked in everything they offered and I learned so much from the other authors. The networking grew my reach. When I had trouble with twitter early on, the group rose up and helped me as a whole (my follow ratio was skewed and by them following me, my twitter account was restored!) - the founder, author Kayelle Allen, actually did a shout out to support little guppy me. All of a sudden, I felt like all those other rainbow fish swimming around me in the ocean. Everyone was so supportive.

My confidence rose as I participated in their member services... MFRW Authors blog is open to authors to post to, MFRW summer camp offers specialized marketing training, MFRW Pinterest boards bring added book exposure, MFRW pitch camp and other social marketing trainings throughout the year are added bonuses. There's a monthly MFRW newsletter - see a copy of the latest edition on my right sidebar. There's also a monthly banner advertising project and for those authors on twitter, MFRW publishes a weekly where you may be featured base on tweets. You can also follow MFRW twitter account. MFRW is just beginning to organize their own blog hops with the most updated hop software available. We even have a facebook group which is less formal than the Yahoo group.

Now, here's the best part. This is all FREE with FREE MEMBERSHIP. So go ahead and join. Don't miss out on this opportunity to network and grow as an author. There's no question that marketing ourselves is a huge part of what we do in this ocean of ebook publishing. Let MFRW guide your way.

Does it sound like I'm bragging? Just a bit? I admit it - I am... because after a year of lurking and learning, I signed on to the MFRW volunteer staff. I believe in what MFRW does for authors. It's a truly professional organization with reputable leaders and promising collaboration.

I'd love to hear if something I said in my post convinced you to join! COMMENT below and let me know...

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