#TantalizingTuesdays Scents

Samuel had been gone only a few days. I paced the house, lost and wondering what I should do without him. I never had this freedom when he was home and, honestly, it was unsettling. I longed to have him here so I could talk with someone about my day. There was no one else with whom I shared my secrets. Samuel knew me deep underneath the fa├žade I wear for the world. He understood me. From the very first moment we met, he was the one for me.
As I stripped and prepared for a long, hot bath, I found myself in his closet where the suggestion of him was the strongest. His shoes lined neatly on the shelves, his shirts arranged by color and his sweaters neatly folded above them. Samuel was an organized, regimented man – qualities I needed in my chaotic life.
I ran my hands along his suits, feeling the soft, rich texture under my fingertips. I inhaled the scent of Samuel. His robust, woodsy fragrance filled my lungs as I breathed him in and pretended his body filled the suit I held. I was so grateful he’d return from his business trip tomorrow.
© Paloma Beck, Tantalizing Tuesdays 2013

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