Why do you like Reading Romance?

I’m so happy to be visiting Paloma again today! Last month, I did a post as a new author. Now I have a whole month of experience under my belt, and a whole lot of learning still to be done! But I also have a brand new book which released yesterday! So that’s two books done and published now, with another submitted and hopefully accepted soon!

People have asked me why I decided to write a book now. I’m 38 years old and already have a successful career which I love. Writing has always been a dream and a hobby, but not something I ever realistically thought I could make money doing. I guess what got me going was reading some other books from Siren Publishing. It made me start thinking, “What if something like this happened? What would someone do in a situation like that? Could this kind of relationship actually work?” And ideas started to pop into my head, so I started writing them down. And for the first time in my life, I actually finished a whole story (one of a substantial length – not the short stories from school). When I saw how easy it was to submit to Siren, I took a chance and was thrilled to have my book accepted!

I love writing romance because I’ve always been a sucker for the genre. I love my happy endings, and I love seeing people overcome obstacles to make a relationship work. I try to keep my stories realistic, while at the same time giving readers a fantasy of how things might be. I write erotic romance because I guess I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, and like having the bedroom doors wide open! I prefer the graphic language as well, because that’s more realistic to me than lots of flowery euphemisms.

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I’d love to hear from you! And I have a copy of my new book, The Art of Love to give to one lucky person who leaves me a comment here. I’ll make the draw on Monday Morning, so you have until midnight (EST) Sunday to enter. Thanks for stopping by!

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The Art of Love
Melanie Hynes owns the brand-new art gallery in Hedon Falls. When she decides to make erotic art the theme of her opening exhibition, she goes in search of artwork.
Justin Gauthier creates a unique blend of painting and photography. Melanie finds his youth and vigor intoxicating. David Hannah can sculpt provocative pieces from ordinary materials. And Melanie discovers that he is very good with his hands. Garrett Anderson’s paintings of BDSM are shocking and arousing. When Melanie asks about the lifestyle, he teaches her.
Three men, each with their own distinct talents, and she falls hard and fast for all of them.
When David finds out she is seeing other men, he is hurt and angry. Confused by her attraction to three men, she doesn’t know who to choose. Justin and Garrett show her the joys of sharing, and she thinks that may be the key to her dilemma. Can she convince David to consider a ménage?

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