Licking & Sucking #TantalizingTuesday

I lick my lips. “Thomas, please,” I say though I don’t know what I’m asking for.

“Yes, sweetness, yes. I want to own you. You will be completely mine.” Thomas speaks to me but my focus is divided now between words and motion, my body consumed by his ministrations as he holds one hand above my head, pressed against the wall, and uses the other to bring me to heaven.“Just say yes so I can let you come apart on my fingers.”

It takes only these words for me to let go. “Yes,” I scream as my back arches, reaching.

He nods and presses deeper inside me. And I come, shattering as Thomas continues to run his fingers in and out, back and forth until sobbing, I beg him to stop. My knees have grown weak and I lean forward to brace myself on his shoulders.

He reaches towards my face and pulls his hand away to show me the tear on his finger. I didn’t realize I’d been crying. He holds his finger up in the light so the tear catches beautiful colors and he smiles. “Thank you. This is a gift I will treasure.” He places the finger in his mouth and sucks.

©Paloma Beck, Tantalizing Tuesdays 2013

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