Question Of The Week: Is a broken heart worth the chance?

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I wanted to talk about feelings between a Dominant and his new submissive today. I've chosen an excerpt from Naia and the Professor where Naia accuses Liam of not having any when, after a hot scene in his office, he's still hesitant as to whether a relationship between them is wise. If you've read the blurb, you know Liam has had his heart broken before by women who thought they wanted what he could offer, and given the extent of his feelings for Naia, he's just not sure he can handle another broken heart.

Here's the excerpt:
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“Professor?” she asked, unsure where she stood even after the scene in his office.
“Naia,” his gaze met hers, giving nothing away.

“I meant what I said. I want to try with you. With us.”

He studied her for a long time without speaking.

“Naia,” he began, and then looked away, “what I want is so very different than anything you've ever known. I'm not sure…”

“Oh my God.” The realization she was wrong, that he didn't want a relationship or to even try, slowly saturated her brain. “You … what just happened meant … nothing to you?” she asked, not sure she wanted an answer. Just then the valet opened her door and they both turned to him.

“Ma'am,” he said, holding out his hand to help her out, his eyes darting from her to Liam. The air was heavy and awkward.

“Just a minute,” Liam said. The valet closed the door as Naia's eyes pooled with tears.

“Go to bed, Naia. You've had a long day. I have to think about things.”

“What things do you have to think about? How many times are you going to reject me in one night?” She wiped at her tears, not wanting them, not wanting to shed them over him. Had she been wrong? Was she so blinded by her feelings for him she didn't see how cold he was?

“I've had relationships with women who thought they wanted what I want. They don't work.”

“Then what was that in your office?” Anger was better than hurt. “What? Wasn't it good enough? Wasn't I good enough? This was a mistake, an awful mistake and I am so sorry that I ever thought I owed you an apology.” Wiping roughly at her eyes and nose, she opened the door but before she could step out, he grabbed her arm and held her.

“It's not like that,” his voice was low, calm.

“What do you expect me to believe? I'm human, Professor. With feelings. Do you have any idea what those are or is that not something you deal with in your BDSM world?”

His grip tightened and she could see he was trying hard to control his growing rage.

“Let me go. I want to go,” she'd raised her voice. “What, do you want my safe word, is that it?”

He let her go then and turned away from her.

“Good riddance, Professor!” she said, slamming the door shut and running inside.
Although Naia's drawn to the BDSM lifestyle, her experience with Liam is a first for her. What she is sure of though is that her feelings for him can't be ignored.

Liam on the other hand is more cautious; he's a thinker. But what she says hits home. Naia's verbal attack was to hurt him as he'd just hurt her and this was the only way she knew how to do it.

I believe that, BDSM or otherwise, people are people and feelings are a part of being human. We're all the same, we're all dealing with layers and layers of life that have been draped over our shoulders. It's sometimes easier to walk away for fear of a broken heart; it takes courage to open ourselves up to hurt. I'm glad that in this case, her strong words actually get Liam's attention and he does make the right decision - or at least the one I think I would make. What about you, is a broken heart worth taking a chance for?

Is a broken heart worth the chance?

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt and thanks for being here with me today. Don't forget to answer our question. We're here to chat. - Natasha

It was great to have an author here today promoting a book I've not only read but also L-O-V-E-D. The cover sold me on it right away -isn't it gorgeous?- but then the story lived up to my high expectations too. The story really hit home for me as it addressed so many of those trust issues we deal with daily in our relationships. The book also felt real, as if I could actually know these characters and like them. I cringed during parts and laughed during others as if I were experiencing the scenes with them. And let me just say - thank God for brothers. Liam has two so we're guaranteed at least two more books from Natasha about the Templar brothers. (I'll be waiting...)

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