Do Not Come for #SexySnippets

It's time for Sexy Snippets Sunday!
Sexy Snippets are seven sentences brought to you every Sunday. It's only seven sentences -no more, no less- so readers can get a quick read from a variety of authors. The sentences come from a work in progress or published manuscript.

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My snippet this week is once again from Hold My Hand. It's play time!

William grinned, “Oh, and you will not come.” William’s determined command reached me just in time to answer my unspoken question. This little game was definitely to be more difficult than I’d first thought.

I swallowed. He knew as well as I did I’d not yet mastered this skill of holding back my orgasms. This would be the true task but for William, I’d do anything. “Yes, sir, I understand. I won’t come.”

“Good, little elf. Now, let’s play,” William’s voice was calm and I wondered how it was even possible that once again, I was feeling desperate while he maintained his composure.

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