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My snippet this week is once again from Hold My Hand. William enjoys feeding Aubrey. In this excerpt, Aubrey realizes she's come to enjoy it too.
He smiled and placed a grape on my tongue. As I sunk my teeth into the fruit, its flavor burst onto my tongue, sweet with a deliciously crunchy skin and a cool center. Before long, William gave me another and another as he placed one in his mouth each time he fed me as well.
“Juice?” he asked before offering me orange juice from the single stemmed glass on the bar. I nodded and parted my lips in invitation. I accepted each item he gave me, savoring his undivided attention as this had become one of my favorite rituals. There were times now when I was feeding myself that I found myself yearning for William. 
William had become necessary. Slowly -or more accurately, far too quickly- William invaded my life so that the axis was now rotating around him as my sun.
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