Roadtrip to Addy's Couch

Adaline Raine: Addy's Couch: Paloma Beck Hold my Hand

Paloma: I am so excited to be here today, on Addy’s couch, to talk about my newest release.

Addy: Hi Paloma. I am so happy that you stopped by to chat about Hold My Hand and how it came to be.  ::smiles warmly::

Paloma: Hold My Hand is about Aubrey, young woman coping with the remnants of being an emotionally abused child. Aubrey begins the steps of moving forward with a little help from a man who teaches her to redefine her idea of perfection. In his own unorthodox way, through an alternative lifestyle, he gives Aubrey a chance to live the life she dreams of.

The concept of Aubrey’s past is sadly one that is all too common. Far too many young girls are emotionally abused, predominantly by their fathers. The abuse affects them for the remainder of their lives in deeply seeded ways. It’s sad, and from personal experience, the feeling of hopelessness is near debilitating. Aubrey’s story comes from a place inside me, from a little girl that needed to tell her story as a means for self-validation. Releasing her story released long held misgivings about herself.

Addy:  ::nods sadly:: This is a topic very close to me, Paloma. When did you start Hold My Hand?

Paloma: Though only writing the story in 2012, the origins came from long ago. I didn’t know it right away. When I started plotting out Aubrey’s story, I was looking through some old writing and found a poem I’d written at age sixteen. It seemed even then I was seeking something despite not knowing what it was.

He reaches to Hold My Hand
And I walk into the unknown.
I cling to the possibility
As I escape into the forbidden.
He whispers Hold My Hand
And I lay myself before him.
I hunger for his offering
As I soar to new heights.
He reaches to Hold My Hand
And I am touched by grace.
I am set free through my bonds
As I reach to Hold his Hand.

Addy: ::gasps::


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