#SatSpanks Paddle

This week, I'm sharing one more excerpt from HOLD MY HAND (before I switch to another WIP for May). William decides to try out a spanking paddle for the first time. Until now, he's only used his hand.
Enjoy - and let me know what you think. I value your feedback.
“This is a spanking paddle. Isn’t it beautiful?” He held it in front of my face for me to see, the gleam in his eye put me on alert.
The black leather screamed pain, not beauty but I decided to bite my tongue and instead I responded with a simple, “Yes sir” as I tried to look away from this awful piece of leather and wood. I had a sudden and unprovoked feeling of hatred towards the instrument.
William rubbed the leather along my jaw, tracing from ear to ear. He placed it to my nose. “Smell it. It’s like ambrosia, don’t you think so?”
It was as if he were deliberately taunting me. I breathed in the rich scent of leather but it wasn’t ambrosia to me. All too soon, this paddle would warm my bottom. I didn’t know whether I just wanted him to get on with it or if I was grateful for this time to prepare myself.
Again, I considered the possibility William was successfully torturing me. “No sir,” I answered him after a quick flick of his hand on my hip.

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