#TantalizingTuesday Teeth

Jenson used his teeth to pull down my panties and the scruff from his beard drew a tingling line down my bottom. The final barrier was stripped away. The elastic pulled along my hips even as the slow brush of the lace softened the motion. His breath on my inner thigh as he drew down further was the sensation that brought the moan from deep within me. 

Feeling his warmth against me as he stripped me bare, I held onto the connection as I prepared for a spanking I well deserved. I couldn’t argue it was long overdue. I needed his palm against my bottom as much as I needed the air I was breathing, the air that was beginning to come in shallow breaths as he continued his slow pull of those panties down my legs and left them dangling off my feet.

Jenson gave a deep rumbling chuckle just before his palm came down on my bottom with a crisp, loud smack. Relief rushed through me as Jenson set into a steady rhythm. I sunk deep into the sensations and embraced the knowledge that I belonged to a man who loved me enough to take such good care of me.


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