Going Behind The Scenes

Hi, everyone! We’re Michelle Stevens and Liz Borino, coauthors of the Director’s Cut series. The following #Thursday13 post is 13 quotes from the first in the series, Behind the Scenes. Thanks for reading!

New beginnings are exciting, but we can rarely outrun our pasts. Steve Michaels and Zack Greene pack up their newly extended family and move to New York City with their nanny, Drew, and his two kids. Having recently been hired to write for a BDSM show, Steve and Zack use their loving Dom/sub relationship for some experience with the lifestyle, but they need a consultant to fill in the blanks. Alex a local Dom/club owner, can do just that. Everything is going smoothly until Rich, an ex-producer from Ben’s Life and the man who tried to ruin Zack, tries to get a job on the same show. And that’s only the beginning of it.

Zack and Steve offered Drew an opportunity of a lifetime working for them. When Alex shows up for the first meeting with Zack and Steve, Drew realizes he didn’t leave his past behind after all. This becomes more true when his ex comes back wanting to see the kids.

Can Drew trust Alex to help him get over his past? Can Steve manage to keep Zack safe from the man who has haunted him for so long? Find out what happens Behind the Scenes! 

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What One Reviewer Says... "The first thing I have to say is Behind the Scenes knocked my socks off! Male ~ Male is a newer genre for me and I have to admit that I am loving what these authors are creating. Liz Borino and Michelle Stevens do not disappoint with Behind the Scenes. I was intrigued by the blurb and within the first few pages I was hooked on these phenomenal characters." - Illustrious Illusions

13 Quotes from Behind The Scenes
1. “Steve, you are my safeword, place, everything. I don’t need a safeword. We communicate well enough that you’d know if I was in legitimate distress. You wouldn’t go too far… and I’d like to think you know the same thing about me.” Zack

2. “Zack, your fuzzy owl socks are scarier than you are.” Drew

3. “Well, Kian can’t seem to stop touching Sunni. We came in and saw them holding hands.” Steve

4. Drew is the man we hired to help us take care of Sunni. And, no, he’s not attracted to blonds… or people from Hollywood. We’re too stuck up for him. And like beaches, but not the movie. It’s a chick flick.” Zack

5. "You had your chance. You wanted to change me, make me dependent on you. I refuse to change for anyone except myself or my kids." Drew

6. “A Dominant is given a lot of control over a submissive’s body and mind. If they don’t know what it feels like to give up the control, then they can’t anticipate the mental and physical effects of these objects.” Zack

7. “To me, Drew is Superman. He’s always there to save the day. He’ll protect the people he loves without thinking.” Kian

8. Fueled by his arousal, he [Steve] put the tools in his bag, forgetting all about the pudding, pushed Zack onto the nearest flat wall, and claimed his lips hungrily.

9. “It’s all right, tesoro. I’m not going to let anything happen to you. No one is going to get hurt if you let yourself go. I’ll take care of you, I promise. I know it’s scary the first time, but after that, you’ll crave the release.” Alex

10. “Things can make us nervous and scared until we try them, and then we know if it’s for us or not. It’s like watching a scary movie, almost. You’re scared, but it’s fun at the same time. He can always stop me if he doesn’t feel safe.” Alex

11. “I hope it’s longer because family isn’t supposed to have a time limit.” Kian

12. “I would like to stay married to you, and can’t do that if we go grocery shopping together often.” Zack

13. “Zack is so scared. Saying it’s not fair is ridiculous, but, really, have you ever met someone as consistently happy, kind, and loving as Zack? Because I haven’t. I should have seen this coming. Protected him.” Steve

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