Holding Hope for #SexySnippets

It's time for Sexy Snippets Sunday!
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My snippets for the month of May will all be from Holding Hope, my short story written as part of the Seven Sin Sisters series. At only $0.99, it's a great way to give the series a try... available sometime this month from Secret Cravings Publishing.

In this excerpt, Lucas has discovered the woman rescued from captivity is his mate, and he now needs to explain this to her. She has no idea about the breed but senses something about him. Here, Lucas tries to explain it as delicately as possible...

“Once you mate with a Valendite Breed, your powers

“But I haven’t mated. I haven’t even had sex with anyone. I haven’t even ever felt desire. I thought I was, uhm, well, I was-” By her final words, Ella was yelling as she fought to control her thoughts. Her body was strumming inside with a feeling she couldn’t understand.

Shocked, she tried to stand but the pain in her feet caused her to fall forward. Lucas caught her smoothly up in his arms and hugged her against his body. Ella allowed herself to absorb his strength. Her body simply melted against his.

“Ella, I am-"

“My mate,” Ella cut him off. Everything came into sharp focus. The sensations, the desire, running through her veins and her trust in this man meant something. She stroked his stubbled cheek and watched the bursts of colorful light spark. “You are my mate.”

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