Holding Hope on #HDH

Happy May Day! It's another HUMP DAY HOOK, the weekly blog meme where authors post a paragraph of their writing. For a complete listing of this week's Hump Day Hook participants, CLICK HERE. You can also find our posts on twitter using the hashtag #HDH.

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This week, I'm sharing a hook from my upcoming SHORT STORY EXTRA in the Seven Sin Sisters series. One of the men not intended to mate in the series demanded he get his story told... and so I listened... and then wrote down Lucas's story, Holding Hope.
He looked down at Ella. She appeared so young; he wondered how old she was. He knew nothing about her and still his heart beat only for her now. Her pale skin was soft under his calloused fingers. He longed to stroke his fingers through her short blond hair but didn’t want to disturb her. She remained limp and still but he took solace in knowing she was calmer now. Her cinnamon brown eyes were closed again. He’d nearly broken down when those precious eyes looked up at him, first afraid and then hopeful. They’d been filled with hope, with such faith and a trust he didn’t deserve.
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