Hump Day Hook Pain

It's another HUMP DAY HOOK, the weekly blog meme where authors post a paragraph of their writing. For a complete listing of this week's Hump Day Hook participants, CLICK HERE. You can also find our posts on twitter using the hashtag #HDH.

This week, I'm sharing another hook from my new SHORT STORY EXTRA in the Seven Sin Sisters series. One of the men not intended to mate in the series demanded he get his story told... and so I listened... and then wrote down Lucas's story, Holding Hope. It's now available for FREE by clicking here.
The pain Ella heard in his voice squeezed her somewhere inside and her resistance all but faded. She took in the desperation in his eyes, as if seeing her in pain was equally as painful to him as to her. He appeared almost tormented at the thought and Ella wanted to reassure him. She craved holding him and telling him nothing would hurt either of them again. Then nearly as soon as she had the thought, she pushed it aside. Who was she to reassure anyone?

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