Sinfully Sassy Sunday: Do We Choose Our Kink?

I've taken over the Four Seduced Muses blog today! It's Sunday which means its all about being Sinfully Sexy. While the regular Sunday host is off celebrating her first year anniversary with her husband in her own sinfully sexy way, I'm here to share some thoughts on just when we "Choose to Be Kinky". Ready? FOLLOW ME TO THE FOUR SEDUCED MUSES BLOG.

Do we consciously decide our sexual preference? I saw a video recently where straight people were asked when they decided to be straight. Hey, it’s a question those in alternative lifestyles get all the time and it was amusing to watch the light bulb go off for these people. Check it out.

So, it got me thinking beyond just the gay/ non-gay worlds… what about all alternative lifestyles? Are we born with our predilections? You know, our "kinks". I think we are. Follow me to the Four Seduced Muses blog to hear WHY...

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