#TantalizingTuesday Round Two

“Ready for round two?” Trent knew his words and his teasing tone caught Brynna’s attention. She was suddenly alert, her exhaustion left behind. He watched from his position sitting next to her as she lifted her head to look up at him wearily. Her eyes darkened with the intensity from her desire. They were nearly red, a hot cinnamon. He grinned. She was truly his match.

“What do you have in mind?” Brynna sounded cautious but curious.

“I’ll go easy on you, I promise,” Trent grinned.

“I didn’t ask for easy.”

“What is it you want then?”

“I want everything you can give me.” Oh yes, she was his equal. Trent’s cock thickened unbearably tighter when Brynna followed up her statement by licking her lips. Her sweet and innocent smile was his undoing.

Trent picked Brynna up from the bed and held her in his arms as he turned to sit and placed her on top of his lap. Brynna straddled his hips, wrapped her legs around him and hung onto him tight. She gripped him and pressed down until his cock sat fully inside her. Then he stilled her, simply wanting to feel himself surrounded by her heat.

Tantalizing Tuesday Authors use a photo prompt to write a two-hundred word teaser every Tuesday.CLICK HERE for a full list of participating authors or go to the Tantalizing Tuesday blog.

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