The Sunshine Award

I have been honored with the Sunshine Award. The Sunshine Award is a sunny flower bloggers give to other bloggers "who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere."

Part of receiving the award is to tell readers About Me.
As per the list, here are some of my favorite things.

Favorite Color: Blue. It's always been my favorite color for more reasons than I can count... my eyes are blue but not nearly as blue as my brothers, something I've always been envious of - I had three sons so blue is a part of my every day - blue was my brother's favorite color and he was my favorite person.

Favorite Animal: Cats. They're comforting, calming and the best companions for an introvert like me. They like to cuddle when I read. They are grateful for the simple things like sunshine, warm blankets and naps - definitely my kindred spirits.

Favorite Number: Twenty-Two. It's the date of my sister's birthday so I picked it as my jersey number when I played middle school sports. Now it's just become my go-to number.

Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink: Coffee. Hands down, I drink more coffee-type beverages than the average person... latte, mocha, espresso, iced coffee, iced macchiato, and an occasional frappuccino as a treat. Oh, and coffee ice cream is nearly as good as the big O.

Facebook or Twitter: Yikes! These are my favorite two social media venues. If you twist my arm, I'd choose facebook. I'm visual and facebook gives me more to look at and the ease of responding makes it more interactive for me.

Your Passion: Books. I've always enjoyed reading as a means of escape. Stories were much more interesting than my simple life. Then as a teen, writing my own stories gave me an outlet for my teenage angst. I still read a lot then - this is when I got into romance books - and am certain books kept me out of trouble more often than not.

Giving or getting presents: Giving. I enjoy choosing a gift I know someone will like. I get so excited, wrap it as grandly as possible and sit on edge until they open it and smile.

Favorite Day: Quiet Days at Home. Days when life lets us simply enjoy moments with family are few and far between while raising three active boys. When these days come, I savor them by spending time in my gardens or doing things with the boys. Sometimes even cooking a meal together on days like this make me smile.

Favorite Flowers: Lilacs. Their fragrance reminds me of my mother. There was a large lilac bush at my childhood home and when I built my own house, I installed two lilac bushes so that I can enjoy them in my yard and also clip them for spring bouquets indoors.

More Sunshine Makers. 

Now, I get the chance to deliver this award to bloggers who inspire me. I've selected bloggers who often make me smile... take a moment to visit their blogs - you might find some you'd like to follow.

For her commitment to assisting other authors, particularly with marketing and promotion,
For her genuine desire to help others by sharing her knowledge,
Kristyn Phipps |
For her devotion to reviewing books and spreading the word for authors,
Liberty Ann |
For her introspection and support to other authors,
Natasha Knight
For her open, honest posts that are both inspirational and thought-provoking,
Renee Rose |
For her support of fellow authors,
Doris O'Connor
For her friendship and the support she so willingly offers other authors,

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