Time to get WET And WILD!

Summer is here and it's time to get WET And WILD!
Authors from around the blogosphere are celebrating the warmer weather by giving away tons of prizes to our followers. Readers who participate have the chance to win books and other fun things for readers. Thanks for being a part of the celebration.

I'm featuring Coming Home, my contemporary romance released in November 2012. Tyra & Ryan get a little wet and a whole lot wild down at the lake in their book, Coming Home. Enjoy an excerpt, leave a comment to be entered in the GRAND PRIZE, and do any of the additional choices in the rafflecopter for more chances to WIN my book.

They were in the middle of the lake – Tyra knew there was a clear view of this dock from most windows of his mother’s house – but she could not stop him. Everything in her warred with her common sense that she needed to gain some self-control. Somehow, somewhere out on this dock, in the water, as they had swum and their bodies lightly stroked against each other, she had lost all sense of decorum. All she wanted right now was this man.

Grabbing on to a shred of control, she placed her hands on Ryan’s chest and tried to push away. “Your mother can most likely see us,” Tyra warned.

“She won’t be upset with you. She’ll blame it on me. You know, testosterone and all that.” He said quickly before pulling her closer against him and kissing her again. His lips were warm from the sun and the touch of his tongue on hers again sent electricity straight to her core. She had to get away from him or she was going to ignite and not have the ability to stop.

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NOW, get Hopping! 
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