Fabian's #Thursday13 Leading Men

Welcome Fabian Black to Romance Beckons.

Hi, everyone, 
First of all I’d like to thank Paloma for allowing me to guest on her beautiful blog.

I’m Fabian Black, an English author of M/M romance fiction with DD and D/s themes. My stories contain many elements: romance, love, angst, spanking, domestic discipline and a fair sprinkling of humour. 

My books are more sensual than sexually graphic with discipline or the potential for discipline providing the erotic undercurrent. 

My latest book is ‘Spanking Dee-Dee.’ Dee-Dee Walters longs for a genuine alpha male to rule his heart and his home, but do such men exist beyond the pages of romantic fiction? Dee-Dee believes so, but his friend Simon is skeptical. You can find out more about Dee-Dee, about me, and about all my stories, by visiting my website where you’ll find stunning covers, descriptions, excerpts, free reads and giveaways: http://www.fabianblackromance.com/

‘Spanking Dee-Dee’ is available from All Romance Ebooks. It is also available on Amazon Kindle and at Rainbow Ebooks. It can also be purchased as a paperback from Amazon. 
For my Thursday Thirteen I’m choosing thirteen random quotes from a selection of my leading men.

1) Dee-Dee (from ‘Spanking Dee-Dee’) “BDSM stuff is all about sexual foreplay. It’s a game, a prelude to someone getting their cock up your arse and once they’ve had it up your arse they force it in your mouth and make you clean it with your tongue.”

2) Simon (from ‘Spanking Dee-Dee’) “I’m not wired that way at all. I hate the thought of hitting someone. The fetish scene does nothing for me. Sex is enough in itself. I don’t need embellishments. I don’t need games or toys, well, other than the toys I was born with.”

3) Sam (from ‘Destiny Calling’) “You’re not impotent, are you, Col? Only, they can work miracles these days."

4) Colin (from ‘Destiny Calling’) “I’m going to give you my attention, that’s what you want isn’t it, my absolute undivided attention? Well it’s all yours, but I don’t think you’re going to like it much. I'm going to spank you.”

5) Kit (from ‘Kit’s Demerits’) “You make it sound like I committed perjury in the High Court instead of telling a harmless fib in the back garden.”

6) Jon (from ‘Kit’s Demerits’) “Love isn’t reserved only for the deserving, Kit, and besides what criteria can we use to judge who is deserving or worthy anyway? What if a law came in decreeing only men with fine heads of hair and under the age of thirty-five were worthy of love, where would it leave me?”

7) Andy (from ‘Moving On’) “I can’t believe you actually packed the fucking paddle. I know you were a keen boy scout in your youth, but this is just taking the piss out of being prepared.”

8) Thomas (from ‘Moving On’) “The date is irrelevant, but your behaviour isn’t. Would you care to hazard why, quite aside from your disgraceful public display of bad temper, you deserve to be punished?”

9) Danny (from ‘The Jack and Danny Chronicles’) “Oh God, Jack, do we have to visit him in hospital? Can’t we just pop into the morgue and have a browse around. I mean there are corpses in there that are more attractive to visit.”

10) Jack (from ‘The Jack and Danny Chronicles’) “Not in my car, Daniel, not if you want to live to be twenty.”

11) Lin (from ‘Fresh from the Sea’ - Postcards Series) “I hate singing fucking fish. There’s not one of them can do a decent cover of a Lady Gaga single.”

12) David (from ‘Fresh from the Sea’ - Postcards Series) “It was only a suggestion so there's no need to hiss and spit like a cat with a thumb up its arse.”

13) Michael (from ‘Deadlines’) “I’m not sulking. Why is it that whenever I take refuge in a dignified silence you always claim I’m sulking?”

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