For Your Spanking Pleasure, it's Cara Bristol!

It's a special Thursday13 with Romance Beckons' guest, Author Cara Bristol.
When Cara Bristol’s husband encouraged her to write erotic fiction, he had no idea her genres would include spanking romance and domestic discipline. She has written professionally her entire working life, but only sold her first erotic romance in 2009. Since then she has published ten titles. She is the author of Unexpected Consequences, False Pretenses, Body Politics, and Disciplinary Measures, part of the ongoing Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline series about a secret organization of men who spank and the women who love them. A transplant to the Midwest, Cara has one husband, two grown stepkids and two cats. She enjoys reading, watching (un) reality TV shows and traveling.

You can find Cara on her blog at and on Twitter @CaraBristol.

And now,
For your spanking pleasure…13 implements and “pervertibles”

How many ways can you redden a bottom? Quite a few. Some implements are made specifically for spanking while other common household items can be commandeered for the task. (Watched a show about BDSM on TV in which they referred to such items as “pervertibles.” Love the term). Some implements deliver a sting, others a thud. Some implements are hard, others are flexible. Some are best used for close-up OTK spankings, others need distance for a good swing.

For your spanking consideration, here are 13 implements, some of which I’ve used in my spanking romances. I omitted the use of the ever-popular “hand,” which is used in all my books.

1. Paddle – Many variations for in ye olde standby: wood or leather, solid or with holes, round or oblong. (Unexpected Consequences, False Pretenses, Body Politics)
2. Flogger – Strips of leather (or vinyl) attached to a solid handle. Reminds me of a pom pom. Go team Spanko! (Destiny’s Chance)
3. Belt – Simple, readily available. (Disciplinary Measures)
4. Strap – like a belt, only it’s already looped
5. Tawse – Looks like belt, only made of stiffer leather and one end is split into tails (often 2, but it varies). (Destiny’s Chance)
6. Wooden spoon (Unexpected Consequences, Body Politics)
7. Paint stirrer – often free at the hardware stores
8. Hair brush – best used for OTK. Stingy sensation. (False Pretenses)
9. Fly swatter 
10. Bath brush – Looks similar to a hair brush but works best when applied from a distance and delivers a thud.
11. Slipper or a shoe
12. Whip, switch (tree branch), cane. Dangerous implements in the hands of novices.
13. Ruler

Disciplinary Measures (domestic discipline) blurb
Married for just three years, Linc Ellison has reached his wit’s end. His wife’s overspending threatens to drive them into the poorhouse. But more than that, he doesn’t feel he can trust Regina because of her string of broken promises. When he learns about the Rod and Cane Society, a secret organization of men who spank their wives, he decides to implement some disciplinary measures to save his marriage.

Sure Regina shops a lot. And she’s broken some promises. But she’s trying to do better. What hurts most is that Linc no longer trusts her. So she consents to try domestic discipline.

But neither is prepared for the ripple effect the disciplinary measures will have on their love life.

Destiny’s Chance (erotic spanking) blurb
Destiny Grable can’t help that she's fallen in with love Chance Everett, her best friend's boyfriend, but she's never, ever acted on her feelings -- until she and Zoe are in a car accident, her friend is killed, and she is reincarnated in her body. She never wished for something like this to happen, but perhaps now she’ll be free to love Chance the way she always wanted to.

Chance might have had pursued Destiny, but he has a kinky side and she was a nice girl. But now she’s dead, and the accident has forced him to take in his ex-girlfriend. As soon as she recovers and moves out, he’ll get on with his life.

Can two star-crossed lovers ever find happiness?

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