Hump Day Hook Worship

I'm back for another HUMP DAY HOOK, the weekly blog meme where authors post a paragraph of their writing. For a complete listing of this week's Hump Day Hook participants, CLICK HERE. You can also find our posts on twitter using the hashtag #HDH.

This week, I'm sharing another hook from my new SHORT STORY EXTRA in the Seven Sin Sisters paranormal romance series. One of the men not intended to mate in the series demanded he get his story told... and so I listened... it's now available for FREE by clicking here.

Lucas could smell her arousal. He could nearly taste it on his tongue as he stood outside the partially opened bathroom door. He knocked and waited for Ella to invite him in, assuming when she called for him that she’d be dressed. His assumption was wrong. Lucas’s breath caught in his throat when he saw Ella standing in the middle of the room, nude. She was worthy of worship.

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