Craving A Spanking for #SatSpanks

This week, I'm sharing another excerpt from my newest book in the Seven Sin Sisters series, FROZEN FURY. You can read more about the book -including the blurb and excerpts- by CLICKING HEREToday's excerpt is cut right from the middle of Amelia's first spanking, just as she realizes Gage's "spanking idea" just might not be such a bad thing.

“You’re doing well, sweetheart, but you don’t need to hold back. Allow all of that emotion you hold inside to come out.” Gage spoke softly, coaxingly, but still Amelia held her cries inside. 
The next series of slaps came in a rhythm and Amelia fell into the pattern with ease. It stung, but as she focused on the stinging, she realized the pain inside—the anger—wasn’t so strong anymore. Her body was quivering. 
Amelia raised her bottom towards Gage’s palm, instinctively seeking more. She craved more, needed the release this was providing her from the constant anger. She opened her mouth without thought and allowed the first of her cries to leave her.

SPECIAL GUEST POST: I visited the Spanking Romance Reviews yesterday to talk about Cathartic Spankings like the ones Amelia experiences in FROZEN FURY.
"Spanking, in general, is an emotionally intense kink. On the very surface, adult spanking is all about the heat. Yet on a deeper level, the spanking can heal wounds, comfort and restore the intimacy between a couple. It’s that healing that makes a spanking cathartic." CLICK HERE to read more! 

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