Stunned for Hump Day Hook #HDH

It's Wednesday - time for another HUMP DAY HOOK, the weekly blog meme where authors post a paragraph of their writing. For a complete listing of this week's Hump Day Hook participants, CLICK HERE. You can also find our posts on twitter using the hashtag #HDH.

My excerpt today comes from Hold My Hand, book #1 in the Heart & Soul series. It's written entirely from the heroine's perspective. I'm currently writing Touch My Heart, book #2, which is written from the hero's perspective. It's amazing how two people see the same thing entirely different.

“My little elf, something I enjoy very much is power. I want to see just how far I can push you,
how much I can make you go beyond where you’re comfortable. I want to see where your limits lie. And I want to see what you’ll do when I’ve pushed too far.” William’s eyes were glimmering. He appeared excited by these thoughts.
Stunned by his admission, I sat in silence. I noticed my breathing had accelerated and I reached for my wine glass to take another sip and calm my nerves. Licking my lips, contemplating an appropriate response, I said simply, “Thank you, sir.”
William was delighted. I saw the happiness written across his face. 

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