Celebrating A Year in Blog Land & WritersVille!

It's been a year this month since I published my first book and began this blog. I've had an amazing year, met other authors who have supported and encouraged me, and confirmed that writing is truly my passion. There's not a day since I began writing full-time that I thought of it as work. It's what I do and it's what I love. Life is Fabulous. And its busy, so to gain perspective, here's my year in stats...

A Year In Stats, Thursday13-style!

  1. I've published 7 books, 5 paranormal and 2 contemporary. 6 books were through a publisher, Secret Cravings, and 1 book was my first stab at self-publishing. (I loved it!)
  2. I've had book reviews featured on 23 different review sites.
  3. I've begun working on 3 additional manuscripts, with 4 others in the formative or research stages.
  4. I created an eclectic Pinterest account with 76 boards, 2911 pins and 561 followers.
  5. I've posted 286 blog posts, including my blog guests, on Romance Beckons. The most popular post was my Birthday Party Book Bash with 783 views.
  6. I've had a grand total of 99,700 blog visitors and have 976 unique blog followers.
  7. I've participated in 8 blog hops. The most successful was the Naughty New Year's Blog Hop with 589 views.
  8. I've written 56 guest posts for other blogs. (Wow! I couldn't believe that number when I first looked it up!)
  9. I've joined 7 different weekly memes. The top viewed meme was WWoW! Writer's Words of Wisdom, a meme posted each Wednesday. It became so popular that I created a new blog devoted exclusively to this topic with three other talented authors. Check it out here!
  10. I've had over 31,000 tweets and 2,000 followers on twitter.
  11. I've developed 5 successful tribes on Triberr, networking with other romance writers.
  12. I created 1 facebook account and 4 facebook pages... Romance Beckons for my blog and three for my different series: Heart And Soul, Seven Sin Sisters and Coming Home.
  13. I've attended 1 reader's conference.
And, it might be hard to believe but somewhere in all that, I managed to take a few vacations with my family. After all, they are my reason.

Now, to celebrate with you, I'm giving away the first three books in my Seven Sin Sisters series. Just leave a comment and I'll choose a winner by August 17th.
- Paloma

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