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She's here with a Cover Reveal for her newest book!

Thank you so much, Paloma, for having me by to visit. I just received the brand new cover for my upcoming release, Switch, The Trainer Book 1.

Earlier this summer, I was asked to provide a previously unpublished scene for a spanking blog hop. I like to know characters well before I write a new story so, I laid out some questions:

  • What if a couple was trying out a domestic discipline situation and the husband had no idea how to implement the spanking element they both wanted?
  • What if the wife harbors a semi-secret interest in spanking for erotic reasons, but unless her husband gets comfortable with hand to fanny, she may never have the chance to explore her fantasies with the man she loves?
  • What if their entire future together pivots on their plan working and…
  • What if they found a man capable of helping them to achieve all their goals, for a price?
  • And what if they could just about manage to pay it?

I can put myself in their place, imagine how much I’d want to do whatever it took if I were afraid my own marriage was in jeopardy. Because while I love stories of a couple meeting, brand new and fresh, but sometimes it’s harder, and so special when people are fighting to keep the love they already have.

Here’s an excerpt from Switch:
She’d almost forgotten why they were there, lost in the beauty of the flowers and wondering about his words. If he weren’t so intimidating, in his white shirt and black leather pants again—a uniform of sorts?—she’d have asked him about the vase. Who gave him a gift that merited so much of his attention? And while she knew little about art, she suspected he knew more.
As she entered the large room, all thoughts of art and gifts and who the Trainer got them from fled. The chair stood alone, stark against the cityscape, skyscrapers, and blue sky. A surreal sense enveloped her, so high above regular life.
“Do you have the agreement?” His voice broke through her thoughts again.
“Esme?” Rick had taken on the same tone, severe and serious. Did she like that? In a slightly scary way, she did. He stood straighter and his jeans and polo contrasted with the Trainer’s ensemble. But her eyes caressed her husband’s broad shoulders and beloved face. The new maturity in the fine lines by his mouth. She’d begun to spend more time watching him, loving him with her gaze. “Esme, give him the papers.”
She fumbled in her purse and fished them out, folded in the middle but not crushed. “Here you go. I printed them out this afternoon.”
The Trainer accepted them and strode over to his desk, sitting with his back to the view. “Give me a moment to read this over. Mmm hmm. Yes.” He flipped a page. “Good. I see a better understanding of what you want to accomplish. And what you need from me.” He flattened his palms on the desk and pushed to his feet. “Let’s begin. As we discussed last time, we will set a scenario, something you might have happen at home, and walk through it.”
“Sounds good.” Rick had every right to feel that way; his hiney was safe.
“Okay.” She could be a good sport, too. After all, she agreed to this, and so far the good outweighed the bad. She’d quite recovered from the previous week’s spanking and felt ready to take on another. An image of a cartoon heroine thrusting an iron skillet between the hand of a spanking ogre and her ruffled panties fluttered through and she fought a smile. Wouldn’t that surprise Rick? And the Trainer might not be amused to be thought of as an ogre. It was still funny.
“In your agreement, you mention the importance of honest communication. Has anything come up since I’ve seen you that would relate? Esme, have you lied about anything to Rick? Kept secrets of some kind?”
She flushed, heat racing from her chest through her face. “Secrets? Well not really.” Her entire body gave her away. Her knees trembled, her teeth clicked. She’d never felt so on the spot in her life.
“Esme!” Rick took her arm and turned her to face him. “What on earth is going on? If you shake any harder, I’m going to think you are having an affair or something. Do you have secrets from me?”
She’d kept so many for so long, they’d become normal. But Rick’s tired eyes brought guilt surging to the surface.
So, what do you think? What if it were you??
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