#SatSpanks Control

I love Saturday Spankings... each excerpt is like a tiny morsel of yummy! This week, for my part, I'm sharing another excerpt from FROZEN FURY, book five in the Seven Sin Sisters series. You can read more about the book -including the blurb and extended excerpts- by CLICKING HERE. Each book in the series has a different couple with their own kink. Only two have spanking elements but the series should be read in order anyway.

With her torso and legs dangling down from either side of his lap, he easily flipped up her skirt—Goddess, did he love the little skirts she wore—and massaged her buttocks over the scrap of silky material she wore underneath. Then he pulled the panties down, just low enough to bare her rounded globes so he could warm them to his touch. 
“Why am I doing this, Amelia?”
She didn’t respond and he tapped her bottom. 
“Because I yelled,” she gritted out from between clenched teeth. 
“Yes, you couldn’t control your anger on your own so I will help.” 
She snorted but he didn’t give her a chance to say anything before he lifted his hand from her bottom and came down heavy with a strike across both cheeks.
Saturday Spankings is a weekly blog meme devoted to spankings. Authors who write spanking stories post an excerpt from one of their books. Be sure to click through the list below to read excerpts from all the participants. If you tweet, you can also follow the posts on #SatSpanks.

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