Touch My Heart on #Thursday13

Welcome to today's Thursday Thirteen on Romance Beckons.
Readers of the Heart And Soul series will like this treat. It's the first thirteen sentences of the newest book, Touch My Heart. It's in the editing phase now and scheduled to be released in October. I'd love to hear what you think - comment and let's chat!

When I first saw her, she ensnared me. She’d tell a different story, I’m sure. She believes I ensnared her but I know the truth. She couldn’t have a stronger hold on me if I were chained to her with heavy metal links strung over my limbs. She touched my heart with her very first glance in my direction, with those haunted eyes, and with her hopeful smile. My sweet Aubrey.

I’d been watching her for months now. Each day I was in town, I went out of my way to stop by the coffee shop where she worked. She’d watch me from under those thick lashes, her kitten green eyes carefully hidden. If only I could stand the sugar in those crazy espresso drinks the other customers ordered, I could’ve spent more time with her but a black coffee was simple. My time with her was limited to the forty-five seconds a day it took me to order, her to pour the coffee and me to pay.

Then on days when I had some time or I was actually running ahead of schedule, I’d sit and read the paper. Mostly, I was watching her but the paper was the perfect ruse.

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