#TantalizingTuesday for Coffee Lovers

The caramel macchiatto was my favorite drink to order. I'd calculated it out. It took the longest to
prepare and when Evan was working, I'd take every extra second I could get to watch him. The coffee shop was a block from campus and when I'd discovered the delicious man behind the counter, it became my between class hangout. Coffee had never been so delicious, or quite so sexy.

The dexterity of Evan’s nimble fingers as he brewed the espresso shots had me wondering just what else they could do so well. His lean back muscles pulled under the tight employee shirt as he reached for ingredients. I bit my lip as I watched his arms turn and flex while he steamed the creamy froth. My breathing increased as he combined the ingredients into my cup, layering masterfully until the perfect blend was created. I squeezed my legs at his attention to detail, tamping down the flames that never failed to ignite as he licked along his bottom lip in concentration while finishing that final dollop along the top edge.

Evan placed the cup down in front of me and winked. I blushed. Oh yeah, he knew what I was thinking.

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