The Reasons Authors Read Romance #Thursday13

For Thursday 13 this week, I asked romance authors why they read romance. I'm guessing some of the responses will be the same reason you choose this genre too. Let's see... here's what they said... 
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"We live in a world where we are often bombarded by bad news whether it be in newspapers, TV, FB or Twitter, and it gets overwhelming. Love stories give me hope, because love triumphs always. And a lot of the good that exists in our world comes out of love (all different kinds of love), so I choose to read romance because they celebrate love, lovers and HEAs." -Mina Khan

"I read so many books...several a week. And if I'm undergoing treatment, I'll read several a day. Life doesn't always give us a HEA...a good written romance is just what the doctor ordered!" -Brit Blaise

"I read romance because it's better than chocolate, flowers, and wine combined." -Holly Roberts

"I am a romance addict. For so many years I had no idea what I was alpha men, smart women and a conflict that I know will turn out right in the end." -Renee Rose

"Any time you can blend what you love to do into your work, your life becomes richer for it." -SC Dane

"I read romance to meet new people whose problems are greater than mine, but are solved happily ever after at the end. Hope is found in some tender places." -Patricia Green

"I read my first romance novel when I was a young mother. The story transported me back into a world where people talked in multi-syllable words. I was hooked immediately, and I'd buy grocery sacks full of paperbacks at yard sales. When I started writing, there was no question what genre I'd pick because: romance is my escape of choice." -Debra Salonen

"I read romance because I believe in happy ever afters. Romance is a huge part of the human experience--we might never fight aliens, meet a unicorn, or make out with a werewolf, but most of us love. How better to touch people than by reading stories we really identify with and giving them happy endings?" -Virginia Nelson

"I love reading romance because it helps me set aside my troubles for a while and reminds me that even though there are ups and downs in life there still can be a HEA." -Mary Sue Wehr

"I read romance to give me hope. Regardless of problems, these stories help me feel that problems can be resolved if both parties are willing to work for it. Happy endings make me feel good." -PK Corey

"I read romance because I know it will always work out in the end. No matter what happens- love conquers all. It makes me swoon and keeps me sane." -Casey McKay

"I read romance for the spankings." -Anastasia Vitsky

"I read for escape. I always gravitate to romance because there's always a happy ending. I like books that take the long way to get there. I enjoy the struggle but then I need the HEA." -Paloma Beck

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