A Whirlwind Release Tour!

It has been a whirlwind since the release of Touch My Heart last Friday. I've virtually traveled across the United States, overseas to the Netherlands and back again. And it's not over yet! The Release Tour continues through November 13th.

November 2, Four Seduced Muses | November 3, Twinsie Talk | November 4, Guilty Indulgence | November 5, Natasha Knight | November 6, House of Taboo | November 7, Smile, Somebody Loves You | November 8, SnifferWalk Books | November 9, Kristin Elyon | November 10, Celeste Jones | November 11, Joelle Casteel | November 12, Renee Rose | November 13, Behind Closed Doors

Join me at any of the blog stops for a chance to WIN. I'm giving away a-book-a-stop so on November 15th, I'll be announcing a total of 14 WINNERS! One of them could be you... just for leaving a comment answering the question of the day.

Where Have I Been?

I kicked off my tour with the Four Seduced Muses where I shared how William and Aubrey met. They literally ran into one another while she was talking on her cell phone. Then we talked about the dumb things we've done while talking on our cell phone and multi-tasking. JOIN THE CONVERSATION.

Next, Twinsie Talk hosted me. Once Angie was done yelling at me (something about the cliffhanger ending?!), she shared her review of the book. Then we talked about love at first sight. What do you think? JOIN THE CONVERSATION and tell us if you believe in love at first sight.

I jumped over to talk with the Ndulgent Bloggers at Guilty Indulgence. They blindsided me with an amazing review and presented me with their Ultimate Indulgence Award. I nearly fainted! Then we talked about wine. Maybe if we never really liked wine, we might still be willing to try it for a sexy man. JOIN THE CONVERSATION.

Then it was across the Atlantic Ocean to visit with Natasha Knight where the topic of conversation was all about how a man can help a woman see her worth, her value and help her become her best self. JOIN THE CONVERSATION.


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