Sweet #Thursday13 with Lacey Wolfe

For today's Thursday Thirteen, Lacey Wolfe is here to share thirteen sentences from It Must Be Fate, her sweet romance releasing November 15th.

I hope you enjoy these thirteen sentences I’ve chosen from It Must Be Fate. It’s hard to choose just the right sentences without giving too much away, but I think some of these might be enticing and get your mind wondering what else just might happen.

1. She turned and glanced around, as she always did, before slipping her robe off for an early-morning swim—naked.
2. The mystery woman’s long, lean body, emerging from the lake.
3. She looked damn sexy standing there, wringing the water from her hair as he imagined
4. She hated anyone to see her naked, so her swim was her dirty little secret.
5. “But some men like girls with a little meat on their bones.”
6. The waiter glanced at her, but she stared across at Daniel wondering how he had remembered her order after all these years.
7. “The last few men I really liked didn’t stick around when I told them I wanted to wait until we got married before jumping into bed.”
8. “To be honest, I feel as though you’ve been given back to me. It must be fate.”
9. “If I was married and we wanted a child, I’d just do it and not worry about anything else.”
10. “One minute you’re apologizing for the past, and the next you want me and you’re kissing me.”
11. “You make me crazy when I’m around you.”
12. She should’ve become stiff as a board and not enjoyed the feel of his body pressed against hers.
13. “I want this and everything that comes with it.”

About It Must Be Fate
Sometimes the past becomes the future.
Sandy hadn’t thought about him is years. Not since their engagement had been broken. She’d built up her life and was a successful nurse. She didn’t lead the most exciting life, but she was happy. However that all changed at one staff meeting.
After the passing of his grandmother, Daniel and his daughter Keri have moved back to town and take up residence in her house. Things are looking up after several rough years, and on his first day of work at his new job, he gets an unexpected surprise—in walks a nurse he could never forget.
When Sandy comes to face-to-face with the man who tore her heart apart all those years ago, she finds herself in a mix of emotions. As much as she tries to fight it, the attraction is still there. Daniel makes it’s clear that he’s sorry and he wants another shot, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes.
Can Sandy resist when it seems as though fate is stepping in?

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