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TOUCH MY HEART Released Yesterday!
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Obviously, my SATURDAY SPANKINGS excerpt this week comes from TOUCH My HEART, book two in the Heart And Soul SeriesWhile book one was from the heroine's perspective, this book is told from the hero's point of view.

William knows exactly what he wants. He saw what his parents had and he plans to have that kind of love for himself. He just has to convince Aubrey she’s perfect for him. He attempts to take it slowly, cautious of her weariness and his own preoccupations. Then he bargains, persuades and seduces until Aubrey agrees to be his. That’s where the rest of his life begins…

… even while another part of his life begins to crumble. He finds the foundation of his own family rocked. With William’s future not in his control anymore, he may need Aubrey as much as she needs him. Together, they heal old wounds and find their perfect love.

This contemporary romance contains BDSM-lite elements including explicit sex scenes and consensual adult spanking. Enjoy!

I shifted so I could hold her across the waist with my left hand and freed my right hand for its work. “You will take care of your responsibilities. Putting them off means not moving forward, not growing into who you want to become.” I brought my hand down firmly on one cheek.

She gave a startled yelp but didn’t try to move away from me. I rubbed my hand in circles over the spot I’d just spanked. It was warm and turning a light pink already. Her pale skin bloomed so beautifully under my palm.

“Good girl,” I praised her. “Now keep breathing. I’m going to take this fast. You don’t need to count.”

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