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I use Pinterest for fun and entertainment, for searching gift ideas and sometimes even to find new books. I use it for home improvement ideas, a bit of eye candy on occasion and, oh yeah, for work too. Well, as much as I call writing, work. Pinterest is awesome for visual people - pictures can speak volumes sometimes. Won't you come over and play with me there?

Follow Paloma Beck's board Paloma's Books on Pinterest.

Each of my series have boards. In the beginning when my book is still a WIP, the board acts as my actual storyboard with photos that inspire me. Then when the book is released, I use it to track its way through the webiverse.

Follow Paloma Beck's board Seven Sin Sisters on Pinterest.

Follow Paloma Beck's board Porter Brothers on Pinterest.

Follow Paloma Beck's board Heart And Soul on Pinterest.

My blog has a board. It's a great memory album of the guests I've hosted, events I've participated in and features I've been a part of.

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And then there are boards for writer groups I'm in too. These boards are fun because multiple authors contribute to make it eclectic though centered around a particular theme.

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There are fun boards that look like book shelves displaying books readers love. I keep ones for different genres I read. Here's one of mine...

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Check out the boards. Follow the ones that interest you. Start some of your own! Do you already have an awesome Pinterest Board? SHARE IT in the comments so others can follow you...


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