Love Is In The Air! READ an Outtake from Coming Home #Excerpt

It's Valentine's Day and I'm a romance author. It seems entirely wrong for me to let the day pass without celebration. I'm participating in the LOVE IS IN THE AIR Blog Hop. Each blog has a piece a flash fiction or a book excerpt - maybe you'll fall in love with some new books!

You have a chance to WIN just by leaving a comment on each of the participating blogs. You also have a chance to WIN right here by entering through my Rafflecopter. BUT remember that commenting is the only way to be entered into the GRAND PRIZE drawing!

I hope you enjoy this outtake from Coming Home, my contemporary romance about Ryan Porter, a man who needs a change from his busy city lifestyle. After five years of living in New York and establishing his own real estate firm, something is still missing. When a family tragedy brings Ryan back to his family’s rural home, he meets Tyra. She just might be the catalyst for the change he needs, redirecting the course of his life. But first he must accept his relationship with his parents and embrace Tyra’s secrets.

Book One, The Home Series
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GENRE: Erotic Contemporary Romance
ELEMENTS: Adult Language, Explicit Sex

This scene was removed from the book before publication but I love this moment. It's when Ryan comes to grips with the idea that he just might actually love Tyra...

He loosened the collar of his shirt, his heart was pounding and his skin felt warm. Was he sweating? What the hell was wrong with him? This girl was just another woman and yet nothing about her seemed like any other woman. Tyra certainly wasn't like the bitch he'd been for the past few years. No. Tyra was amazing. She was fun and sexy and strong and... oh hell, Ryan wanted to jump in the lake to cool off. He began pacing and he was sure that if someone saw him right now -in this moment- they'd think he had lost his mind. Ryan knew better though. He hadn't lost his mind. He'd fucking lost his heart. That was it. Tyra had stolen his heart. And now he felt like some teenage boy on Valentine's Day getting ready to ask her to be his Valentine.



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