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It's the perfect day for another BOOKS authors READ post on ROMANCE BECKONS! This is when I'll be asking some of my author friends to share about books they enjoy reading. At least twice each month, you can get some great ideas for books you might also enjoy. I hope you'll keep coming back to talk to each of the authors I've invited. They're a great group.

Today, I'm welcoming Natasha Knight. She's always intrigued me with how insightful she seems whenever we interact. I call her friend but I confess to never meeting her in real life. Authors have many friends that we only get to meet online... but I hold out hope that one day, we'll meet at a writer's conference. For now, I hope you enjoy getting to know Natasha.

Hi Paloma, thank you so much for having me here today. I always try to remember how I met my author friends and must be getting old because I cannot remember how we met. I do remember falling in love with your books though…maybe that was it. Whatever it was, I'm glad to know you and so happy you asked me to participate in this post.

What was your favorite book as a child?
Wow, which one? The ones that come to mind are the Jane Austen books, Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte. The writing was brilliant and the stories all love stories. What wasn't to love?
What book did you read that inspired you to be an author?
OK, you will all laugh but I’m not ashamed! Twilight!! Actually it was the unfinished one told from Edward's POV. I fell in love with that series. Absolutely fell in love. I know people look down on it for various reasons but honestly, it was a beautiful love story between a girl and a vampire. Just lovely and Stephanie Meyer has a hell of an imagination! She's awesome. Thanks Stephanie… J You never know who is reading these, right?
What was the last book you read just for fun?
I find I don't have much time for reading outside of the genre I write. The latest that I read that stayed with me (I'm taking liberties with the question)? Denise Hall's Judgment. Denise Hall is Maren Smith's other name and I am sort of a Maren stalker as it is (shh…don't tell her) but the Denise persona took my breath away. One line haunts me still…'this one loves her master heart and soul.' Shivering. If you've not read it, do. I'm linking it!
What upcoming release are you most looking forward to?
Well, I love all the books I write - some come more easily than others. My most recently published one is called Taming Megan and it's my first full domestic discipline erotic spanking romance. This one flowed well and it was almost as if the characters just used my fingers to tell a chapter in their lives. It's the next one in the series following Taming Emma (but stands alone) about the Roark brothers. Did you all know I had a thing for brothers??? My friend Casey McKay called me out on that just recently…

And now for the giveaway - I'd be thrilled to give away a copy of anything from my backlist (basically just doesn't include Taming Megan which is new) so winner's choice! Thanks for having me here today Paloma and thanks to everyone for dropping by to read a little bit about me.

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