Make Time for More Reading #Thursday13

So Many Books - Not Enough Time
Since I'm such an avid reader - and of course, an author - I cringe when people tell me they don't have time for reading. I always rattle off ideas for just when they can make time for reading. Today, I give you my official list of 13 Way to Make Time for More Reading.

1. Read what You Love.
It's a fact. We find time to do the things we enjoy. I use goodreads to look for books I might enjoy. And I'm not afraid to stop reading if I'm just not getting into a book, especially if it's a long one. 

2. Join a Book Club.
Reading a book in a group is instant incentive to finish a book by a certain time. People give you more time to read if you tell them you have to read for a book club. Try it!

3. Read Short Novellas.
Reading short books will make you feel more accomplished since you can complete them quicker. Many authors write series that contain shorter books when read together, complete a larger story.

4. Listen to an Audiobook.
I am a huge fan of With little time to spare for actual reading, I'm discovering the fun in audiobooks. Listening to a narrator read gives a new dimension to the stories. The best part is that I can upload the book right to my iPhone, put in an ear bud and listen to the book while I cook, clean, carpool and run errands.

5. Take a Book to Lunch.
Not a fan of office gossip? Go to lunch with a good book.

6. Travel with Books.
Lots of people spend time on public transportation, traveling to and from work. Why not bring a book and read? Those hours traveling will be much better spent with your head in a book.

7. Read while Working Out.
I'm not an exercise fan but what makes the necessity of exercise bearable for me is reading a book while I'm walking on the treadmill. Or listening to an audiobook while running.

8. Enjoy a Family Read.
As your children get older, some of those middle grade and young adult books might appeal to all of you. Why not read a book together? A family book club is a great way to embrace reading and spend time together.

9. Turn off the TV.
Read a book instead. I don't watch much TV because I far more enjoy reading a good book.

10. Plan some Me Time.
Everyone needs time alone, time to rejuvenate at the end of the day. Just like we read to our children at night, we should also nurture our own love of reading. Mark out some time each day to read - bedtime is always a good choice.

11. Read in the Bath Tub.
Enjoy bubble baths? There's a great place to read uninterrupted.

12. Carry a Book Always.
Bring a book everywhere you go. Whenever you get a few moments, pick it up and get a few pages in. 

13. Read while You Wait.
I wait a lot... especially picking up the boys from their sports practices when they run late... and I always have a book handy. If I'm reading, I don't feel frustrated by wasting time waiting.

Talk to Me.
When do you read? How do you make time for it?


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