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THIS MONTH I'm sharing Touch My Heart, book two in the Heart And Soul series. 

William knows exactly what he wants. He saw what his parents had and he plans to have that kind of love for himself. He just has to convince Aubrey she’s perfect for him. He attempts to take it slowly, cautious of her weariness and his own preoccupations. Then he bargains, persuades and seduces until Aubrey agrees to be his. That’s where the rest of his life begins… 

… even while another part of his life begins to crumble. He finds the foundation of his own family rocked. With William’s future not in his control anymore, he needs Aubrey as much as she needs him. There’s solace in knowing you don’t have to go through life’s heartache alone. 
“You’d do that? For me?” The awe in her voice broke my heart, that she would feel unworthy of someone doing a kind act for her was crushing.

“Anything for you. Always anything.” I watched her eyes as I spoke so I could see my message reach her.
The tear that slipped past from her eye almost went unnoticed but I felt the wetness on my fingertip. It tore at me and compelled me to say the most terrifying words I’d said only once before now. “I. Love. You.”

When her eyes remained cast down, I repeated it. “I love you, Aubrey. It might scare you. Hell, I’ll admit it scares me but I do. I love you and I won’t let anyone hurt you. You are mine to protect now.”

The single tear was joined by others. I held her as she wept, not the reaction most men want when proclaiming their love but I understood. I knew there was relief in these tears and trust and fright and all the other emotions she wasn’t used to letting out.

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